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Tongue Brush

Tongue Brush

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Bad breath packs a punch! Did you know 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue! Smile Therapy's tongue brush cleans tongues in a way toothbrushes simply can’t handle.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Sawyer

Had a copper one that was really thin and eventually snapped. I don't think this one will ever break as it is thicker and when you bend it, it's all elastic and does not permanantly deform the shape (which eventually caused the last one the break). This one doesn't scrape quite as well as the last one due to slightly smoothed edges, but it also never causes my tongue to bleed liek the last one could, so that's a good thing. Still does the job plenty well enough mind.

Nicole Jackson
Does exactly what I need it to do

I had been experiencing bad breath lately, something I had never dealt with previously and I decided to switch up my oral care regimen. I was looking for options, specifically for my tongue because I felt like my toothbrush just wasn't doing the job I needed it to do. I saw other tongue scrapers, but this one had really great reviews and I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! This tongue scraper is GREAT! It really gets in there and you can literally see the excess gunk (even post-brushing) coming off your tongue. I haven't experienced bad breath since and I am so happy with my purchase! This tool literally saved my confidence! If you're looking for something to help your oral hygiene, I would DEFINITELY recommend this product!

Hayley Hall
You need to buy this now!

This is a great thing to buy. If you suffer with a white tongue that you find hard to get rid of then you need this. It is simple to use but make sure you do it over a sink. It make my mouth feel so much fresher and I rarely have to use it after the first time.

Misty Hernandez
Fantastic little tool

This tool is an absolute god send! Used to use a special toothbrush on my tongue, but never really quite worked. Got this and on first use it got so much off my tongue. Because of its shape its also a bit easier to clean further back. Recommend heating it with hot tap water before use (glides better) and also cleaning with hot water. Superb.

Julie Wallace
Tongue scraper

Works great! Awesome value for money