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Lift your mood, boost concentration, energy levels and get an improved night of sleep with our SAD Therapy Lamp which can offer feel-good natural lighting when not present in your environment

Combat symptoms of seasonal depression such as low mood and lack of energy during the darker months with the light therapy 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael Olson
As it says

I have bought this SAD light (although I do not suffer from seasonal depression, just lethargic in the morning) with a good dose of skepticism... I just wanted a nice sunny breakfast that would wake me up fully in the morning... and I have not been disappointed.

The light that this flat panel LED lamp produces is truly warm, very similar to the sensation of a sunny morning. It is perfect to be kept at an angle in the morning and does not cause burn in to your retinas as it is well diffused.

The feeling is actually warm, it feels like (winter) sun on the skin and that is very pleasant.

I use it every morning on the breakfast table for about 20 mins to half an hour and it is a treat I cannot do without now.

Melissa Walker

Being in lockdown in a flat that doesn't get any direct sunlight had seen my sleep pattern, mood and alertness go all over the place.

I've also suffered from S. A. D for a number of years now and find the winter seasons extremely tough.

Looking for things that can help with both my messed up body clock and messed up head I started researching light therapy and one name kept coming up "lumie"

Not going to lie I was sceptical about light therapy at first but after a few days I really felt my mood lifted. I was more energised. Less restlessness at night and overall have been feeling a lot better in myself.

Albert Smith

Ive had this lamp a few months as I struggle through winter and thought it would help. Its really easy to set up and lightweight. I followed the instructions and used it daily. After a month, I noticed no difference at all to my mood. Its just a very bright light. Vitamin L isnt even a thing. I sort of wish Id just bought a load of chocolate instead.
Ive gone back to running and the vitamin D spray and feel much brighter, even though I think thats the running. According to the reviews the lamp works for some people, just not for me at all.

John Higgins
Great Present

customarily sit around a metre away from the lamp, but I leave it on pretty much all day. I turn it on as soon as I'm done showering in the morning, and then turn it off between 8 and 9pm in the evening. The only day I've experienced inexplicable low mood in the weeks since I got it was the day I didn't use it. I have ADHD which means I get sleepy much later than most people, but I think this lamp helps me get tired at a more sensible hour of the day too.

Not sure if it's related, but I've had three pretty spectacular writing weeks since I started using this. Usually I average 3 to 7 thousand words a week, but at the moment it's about that much daily. I've had an incredibly productive time. Most of that's hyperfocus, but I'm willing to give the lamp some credit for keeping me in the right headspace.

It's very easy to use, you just plug it in and switch it on. I kind of wish I could buy more cables for it so as to be able to move it around the house easily.

Tara Wilson
Nice gift

After 11 winters in the UK (originally from sunny Canada) I found this particular winter tough and I didn't know why.. my anxiety was heightened and I just generally felt low. Within 3 days of using this lamp I honestly can say I felt a noticeable difference in my mood and I was significantly more "on point" at work. I have had the Lumie wake alarm for many years and I trust the brand so when I decided to find a solution for my winter blues Lumie was my go to. If you are feeling low in the winter I would whole heartedly recommend this product - I am so glad that I bought one!!