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Dashcam Action (For Cyclists & Motorbikes) | Dash Vision

Dashcam Action (For Cyclists & Motorbikes) | Dash Vision

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Built for cyclists and motorbike riders. Compact and easy-to-install, featuring 1080P HD, 120° lens, 4-hour battery, wireless, waterproofing, built-in mic, and night vision. Your dependable all-weather, all-day riding companion.
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Customer Reviews

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John Flowers
My second dash camera

It is the second time that I purchased this dash camera. It is really good. My previous one saved me from the parking lot accident. Without it, I need to share half of the cost. I have used it for more than half of year I believe. I like it so I purchased it for my other bike.

Catherine Warner
I would definitely recommend this.

So here I am after using it for few months this dashcam is worth the price. The clarity during the day and at night is excellent. Every time I've reviewed the footage I've been impressed. It has provided me with an added layer of security and hilarity.

It's absolutely delightful when someone starts to complain or accuse me of something that wasn't my fault just because... Cue me pointing to my dashcam and raising an eyebrow and they change their tune so fast.

I would definitely recommend this.

Julie Flores
Great camera and good price

For the price, this is a great dash cam. I Iove the dash cam and it is so simple to use. It has a very good field of view and captures the whole entire road very precisely and also has good clarity. It works fine whether it is night or day.

Kathy Robertson
Works well

These work well. We have been using them for some time as helmet cameras for our motorcycles and demountable units for classic cars. It's good value for money and certainly worth trying. Personally I wouldn't be without mine as it does what we need.

Michael Mcdaniel
Decent dash cam for bikes

I've been using this camera for about a month now on my commutes to work. Sits well on the upper-right hand side of my helmet, easy to use: vibrates when on and then again when recording with lights to reflect what mode it's in, and it's recorded all of my rides so far without any faults.

I was looking at several other cameras at 4x the price of this one and sometimes more. However, for something I'm only using for insurance purposes, this camera is ideal and ticks all the boxes. So glad I went for this one and not one of the pricier ones on the market, as I can't see what value they would add for me.

I charge the camera before every ride so don't know how long the battery lasts. Overall a decent camera.