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Advanced Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Strips (14 Treatments)

Advanced Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Strips (14 Treatments)

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Reach a radiant smile from within with Smile Therapy’s Teeth Whitening Strips! Our strips penetrate beneath tooth enamel to lift teeth staining from within, giving you a brighter, whiter smile in as little as one full treatment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Joshua Gilbert
Cute and nice

I took a before pic as you can see my teeth are slightly yellow. And in the bottom pic is during the process with only 4min left to go, you can see such a big difference in just 1 session of these 😁 I'm so happy I wish I got these earlier in my life. They are amazing and I will continue to keep using them and buying more.

David Castaneda
Absolutely fantasic strips

I’ve bought these strips several times now, use about once a week, huge difference in one application. I used to use crest 14% strips but you cannot buy them in uk and eBay are fake ones. I drink red wine plus I smoke, these are a great de-stainer and genuinely make my teeth several shades whiter . Not sure why some others haven’t had success but I’m careful applying, start at the centre and push the strip to fit each tooth across, leave 30 mins et voila. Not crazy about the gel gunge in my mouth after removing them but just brush your teeth afterwards. Oh and I’ve never been offered a gift or discount for leaving a review, rather disappointing actually, hey ... go on, send me a free box please, I promise not to tell anyone !! 🤣🤣

Cynthia Decker
Fast delivery

For an off the shelf product this works well. There’s no mess using the strips. They are simple enough to apply and remove. I’m almost through the pack I purchased and my front teeth look lighter than before.

David Stewart
Teeth are so white

Before buying it I was thinking it’s just fake and they just want people to buy. So I just decided to buy it’s worth a try so when I bought the item I have tried it. It was easy to use and there is instructions how to use and what to do.
From second day of trying I felt there is a lot of difference I was so impressed and glad that I bought it. If this was the first days and the results were great so what happens if I continue to use it.

I really really recommend it and don’t think a lot just buy and you will be impressed buy the results.

Kimberly Turner
Best teeth strips

I have used a number of teeth whitening strips before but none have given me great results.
Other strips have left me with patchy whiteness and sensitive teeth if done too often. I am halfway through the 2 weeks course of these strips; my teeth are fine when I drink and eat anything hot or cold and I am already seeing decent progress on my teeth whiteness