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PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit - With 8 Treatments

PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit - With 8 Treatments

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Expertly formulated by dentists, this teeth whitening kit is designed to give you what you want – whiter, brighter teeth. With PAP+ technology, you'll get superior performance with no pain or sensitivity at all. Just 10 minutes per treatment and you’re done!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
William Hammond
It works!

I liked the ease of using this product. In the past I have had moulds of my teeth made and syringes of solutions to use at night, it was unbearable and didnt work at all. This works well for me it is quick and easy to use and the important thing is Im seeing results. My husband who never notices many things has commented that my teeth are looking whiter and brighter and thats after 3 treatments.

I will continue to use and get more of the refills.

Vincent Young
Converted sceptic

I bought this more out of desperation due to the colour my teeth were turning due to age and espressos. I wasnt expecting great things if Im honest and kind of regretted my rash purchase before it arrived. I have to say, after only one use I am really impressed. It does say that it will take 1-2 treatments for optimum colour and I can see the little extra I need but believe a second treatment will do it. If you are looking for a Hollywood smile then this is not the product. If you are looking to make your teeth a more natural white then I would highly recommend.

Logan Campbell
This really works

I have tried other teeth whitening products that make a lot of promises and all of them didnt work unlike this kit which improves the colour on your teeth noticeable on the second use. Really happy.

Mary Weaver
Decent product

Easy to use and does the job although only used one session so far - feeling confident

Christopher Morrow
Really does work!

Great product! It really does whiten teeth, can definitely see a difference. The taste is ok, better than others Ive used. Would recommend this to anyone ??